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Hi, I'm Tina Pratt, a graphic designer and comic artist from New Hampshire.

This blog will feature my artwork, sketches, and photography.

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I’m going to be at Boston Comic Con this weekend! Find me at table D205. I’m right across from the concessions so you can’t miss me when you’re going to get your overpriced chicken fingers and weird sandwiches.

I have a few new items with me this year, a 20 page sketchbook (I haven’t done one of those since 2010!) which comes with an original sketch on the first page, band name vinyl stickers, and a new reprinting of Issue 1.

Working on a new printing of Issue 1 to sell at comic shows to have along with my big book.

The Paul Reveres webcomic site has had a huge overhaul and is back on schedule with page updates. See the new page: http://paul-reveres.com

Forgot to post this here on Tumblr, but this is my submission for this year’s Comic Creator’s for Freedom drive. This year’s theme was “Awkward School Photos.” I chose Henry and Edward for their embarrassing 1990’s flashback.

The drive made a huge push over the past few days and met its goal of $5,000! There are still a few hours left though, if you’d like to get a donation in. When you donate you get a rad wallpaper over 160 artists contributed to as well!

Bunker Hill is coming and people are starting to get worried.