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Hi, I'm Tina Pratt, a graphic designer and comic artist from New Hampshire.

This blog will feature my artwork, sketches, and photography.

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Screeching Weasel is crowdfunding their next album on indiegogo! I’ve never been one to be supportive of kickstarter and shit in the past, so now I get to be a big hypocrite! Check it out! Contribute ‘cause I asked nicely! I dropped enough dough on it for the internet to make fun of me already, so what can go wrong.

Screeching Weasel - Baby Fat: Act 1

I tried a Disney/Roger Rabbit style for the weasel. I’ve only seen one rendition of him full body and it scared me. Haha. Mine’s right up there too, I suppose.

Asker lispstein Asks:
Hi, quick Q. Were you the one who created the RWAM website? I was just curious... so many good memories of the message boards and stuff... I looked up the ssjvaporean name from the front page of RWAM and ended up here somehow. If you're not the creator, I'm sorry for this random email. XD I miss the site... thanks for all your work!
enshogirl enshogirl Said:

Ssjvaporeon is my sister. We started the GIR site together, and then when the site merged with RWAM, she took over from there. I still worked on illustrations and graphics for the site, but I wasn’t an admin or anything after the site became RWAM.

Working on a new printing of Issue 1 to sell at comic shows to have along with my big book.

The Paul Reveres webcomic site has had a huge overhaul and is back on schedule with page updates. See the new page: http://paul-reveres.com