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Hi, I'm Tina Pratt, a graphic designer and comic artist from New Hampshire.

This blog will feature my artwork, sketches, and photography.

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I’m going to be at Boston Comic Con this weekend! Find me at table D205. I’m right across from the concessions so you can’t miss me when you’re going to get your overpriced chicken fingers and weird sandwiches.

I have a few new items with me this year, a 20 page sketchbook (I haven’t done one of those since 2010!) which comes with an original sketch on the first page, band name vinyl stickers, and a new reprinting of Issue 1.

Screeching Weasel is crowdfunding their next album on indiegogo! I’ve never been one to be supportive of kickstarter and shit in the past, so now I get to be a big hypocrite! Check it out! Contribute ‘cause I asked nicely! I dropped enough dough on it for the internet to make fun of me already, so what can go wrong.

Screeching Weasel - Baby Fat: Act 1

I tried a Disney/Roger Rabbit style for the weasel. I’ve only seen one rendition of him full body and it scared me. Haha. Mine’s right up there too, I suppose.

Asker lispstein Asks:
Hi, quick Q. Were you the one who created the RWAM website? I was just curious... so many good memories of the message boards and stuff... I looked up the ssjvaporean name from the front page of RWAM and ended up here somehow. If you're not the creator, I'm sorry for this random email. XD I miss the site... thanks for all your work!
enshogirl enshogirl Said:

Ssjvaporeon is my sister. We started the GIR site together, and then when the site merged with RWAM, she took over from there. I still worked on illustrations and graphics for the site, but I wasn’t an admin or anything after the site became RWAM.

Working on a new printing of Issue 1 to sell at comic shows to have along with my big book.

The Paul Reveres webcomic site has had a huge overhaul and is back on schedule with page updates. See the new page: http://paul-reveres.com